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I will be getting a new phone soon. How can I make a smooth transition to a new phone?

If you are transitioning an existing number to the new phone, you can simply have Duo call you to verify the new device. If you are moving to a new number, it would be a good idea to text (SMS) yourself a new set of one-time-use codes so you can easily enroll the new device.Before wiping your old phone, you should print out a new set of one-time-use codes to help with enrolling your new phone. Once you have the print-out, download the Duo Mobile app on your new phone. Then open a web browser and go to the Duo Device Management page.

On the Device Management page, press the green "Enter a Passcode" button, and enter one of the codes you printed out. Screenshot of the Duo authentication block, with the Passcode button emphasized.Image Added

You will see your existing iPhone or Android phone in the list of devices. Click the Device Options button next to your phone. Image Added

A Reactivate Duo Mobile button will appear below your phone. Image Added

Clicking on the button will show you a QR code. On your new phone, bring up the Duo Mobile app and tap the Add Account button. It will switch to your phone's camera. Point the camera at the QR code (2d bar code). Lehigh University will now appear in your Duo Mobile app. You're done!

Can I reuse a passcode?

No. Passcodes are only good for a single use.