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Lehigh's network includes a secure shell gateway server,, which can be accessed using Lehigh user credentials.  SSH is a command-line communications protocol useful for both system administration, research computing and for transferring finished HTML files to our campus web serversserverLehigh recommends two software programs to assist Windows users with this, since that OS offers no built-in utility for it



Some applications that support this are:

  • Windows GUI: MobaXterm

  • Windows GUI: BitVise
  • Windows GUI: SmarTTY

  • Multiplatform:  Filezilla
  • Windows CMD: ssh (this is builtin to Windows 10)
  • MacOS CMD:  ssh (this is builtin on Mac computers)
  • MacOS GUI:  Fetch 
  • MacOS GUI:  Cyberduck

Connect to using your username and password.  

Note - Most Windows GUI applications currently do not support multi-factor authentications (DUO).