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Use Groups to present the same Activity for every group and allow the instructor to view gradebook and activities by group.


Please see Assignment Restrictions for details about using groups to restrict access to Assignments. For other activities, resources, and topics areas, use the Restrict Access section to add restrictions based on group membership, among other criteria. 


Under Administration goto Course Administration>Users>Groups


Your users will be moved over to the Group members field.  You can click Back to groups.


You will then see your groups listed and when you click on the group the associated members will show up in the right-hand field. 

Once you have your groups set up, you need to do one last step and set your course to handle Separate Groups.


In the Edit settings, find the Groups section and click on "Groups" to expand the sections.  Change the Group mode to Separate groups. 

Save your changes.

Once groups are established, you will be able to filter your gradebook to show only a certain group.