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  • Using the green screen to create videos with professional visuals
  • Recording interviews or podcast

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Basic Instructions for Recording

  1. Insert your flash drive (must be FAT32 format and have at least 1 GB free space) into the USB hub. This will turn on the studio lights and the video preview window will appear.
  2. When you are ready to record, press the large silver button. You will have a 5 second countdown to position yourself in front of the camera before recording officially begins. 
  3. When you are finished, press the button again to stop recording. Wait a few moments for your file to be written to your flash drive. 
  4. You may now remove your flash drive from the USB hub. The studio lights will turn off and the One Button Studio software will reset. Your recording is saved to your flash drive as an .mp4 file.

Reserving the One Touch Recording Studio

The studio is available for use M-F between 8am - 9pm (please note, there is no support staff available for the studio after 5pm). Studio time may be reserved in 1 hour slots. Due to space limitations, groups should consist of no more than 5 people at the same time. Please DO NOT move or change the set-up of one button studio.  If you need help while recording in the studio, email - If during normal business hours, a technology consultant will come to help ASAP. 


After reserving your time, proceed to the circulation desk at the main level of EWFM Library where you will check out the key to the studio (you will need your Lehigh ID and a fat 32 formatted flash drive with at least 1 GB free space). You can also borrow a slide advancer and USB drive if needed. When you are done recording your videos, be sure to leave the studio exactly as you found it before returning the key back to the circulation desk.

Watch the videos below for an overview of using Lehigh's One Touch Recording Studio.

One Button Studio @ Lehigh: Basic Recording

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