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Here's an old forum message that I found on this issue – I haven't had a chance to verify it yet, but...

During our GIS class session (Tues, 10 Feb), a couple of folks encountered an error message when they went to save their My World files. 

I don't have an explanation, but I do have a solution:


    1. Save the file again, but this time DON'T use the "Compress Into a Single File" option. This will tell it to instead save the project as a folder full of files. You'll still get an error message, but you will also get your folder of data -- in other words, your work is still there, it's just packaged differently.
    2. Now bring in the data from the folder. (You may want to clear out the old data from your GIS, removing each layer one by one.) To bring in data from the folder, select "Add Layer" and navigate to wherever you saved your folder. Inside that folder, go to the "data" folder and look around for the .shp file. As you add the shp files, the data associated with it (from the dbf and shx, for example) will come with it. 
    3. Once you've re-loaded your layer(s), you should now be able to save the project as a single, compressed file. 

Again, I don' t know why this happens, but this workaround seems to do the trick. Let me know what obstacles you run into and I'll see if I can work them out.


A second issue that arose in Summer, 2016: After importing a dataset from csv, everything works until it's time to save. At that point, an error message arises. I used the same tactic described above...and I was able to generate intact layers...but once I re-load those saved layers, I see that they're useless – the imported data isn't there and the polygons of the layer have lost their data. 

What I ended up doing: Import the csv. Then, before attempting to save the project, I export the data from that layer. I chose a dbf, but I don't know whether that matters. I found that the exported dataset would import and work properly with no saving errors. 

I only experienced this on one project, so I don't know if there was something wrong with that csv file (but how? I looked at it in a text editor and it was clean, no formatting issues that I could spot) or if this a larger problem with My World. 


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