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The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires that all initial certification candidates have a digital portfolio.

Lehigh's College of Education meets this requirement by having all teacher education students compose a digital portfolio, using the Mahara system provided by the university ( 

Your advisor will oversee your digital portfolio process, making sure that you have all required materials posted. However, your course instructors are also supposed to be part of the process: For all courses that require the generation of an 'artifact' demonstrating part of your PDE-specified competencies, you must post that artifact to your portfolio. (For example, TLT 409, Classroom Environment and Management, requires a "Classroom management plan" as its artifact. This artifact is designed to demonstrate your competency at....) Your course instructor is supposed to withhold your semester grade until your final, corrected version of your artifact is posted to your portfolio as a pdf. 

To assist you in composing your portfolio, we have prepared the following materials (handouts and videos). If you have further questions, please contact Dr. Hammond via email (hammond[at] or by visiting his office in Iacocca Hall during office hours. 

  1. Where is the portfolio system? How do I log in? (video)
  2. How do I create (i.e., copy) my initial page? (video)
  3. How do I share my page to my professors?
  4. How do I get my artifacts uploaded and linked to my page?



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