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  • Geospatial tools workshop, day 2: July, 2019
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Re-visiting game plan for the summer: 

  • Starting full-day session back on Thursday, June 27
  • Pick one or more half-day sessions in July
    • Tues, 16 July 2:00-5:00
    • Thurs, 18 July 9:00-12:00
    • Mon, 22 July 9:00-12:00
    • Thur, 24 July 2:00-5:00
  • Wrap-up session on Thursday, August 15

...and a reminder of the final deliverable before the $1000 stipend is paid: Implementation of at least one lesson using geospatial tools in your classroom, preferably this fall. 

Reviewing what we learned last time

  • Technology: ArcGIS Online (preferably in your institutional account, such as Heard about / saw other tools that connect (StoryMaps, Collector app, etc.) but only worked with making maps
    • You made your own map in the 'Where's My Happy Place?' activity
  • Some pre-built instructional materials (Esri's GeoInquiries)
  • Some examples of making your own custom maps, StoryMaps, data collection activities, etc. 
  • You formed working groups (pairs / trios / quads) – see bottom of page
  • You also had some reading and other resources to consult between last session and this session. 

Today's agenda

  1. Everyone build a Story Map. This will take place in two stages
    1. Build a MAP. Use these images, and...
      1. Image 1
      2. Image 2
      3. Image 3
      4. ...please add a polygon showing where you parked your vehicle today.
    2. Build a STORY MAP. We will make two passes at this, one using the 'Story Map Basic' template and then again in the 'Story Map Series' template (I am fond of the tabbed version)
    3. Please note: There is a new, very different layout for building Story Maps here: However, I prefer the older style for demonstration purposes. Please feel free to switch back and forth to fit your needs.
  2. Everyone share their Story Map URL via this editable Google Doc
  3. Go around the room and discuss your work to date, following this framework
    1. Your topic
    2. Your data sources
    3. Your maps built to date
    4. Your Story Map work to date
    5. Questions / places where you are stuck
  4. Working time, as available. I would love to split into topic groups
    1. I need help finding data / maps / layers to use
    2. I want to work through uploading point data or joining a table of info to a polygon layer
    3. I want to build a data collection service in Collector or Survey123
  5. Closure: What do you want to have ready to present by August? What assistance might you need to get there? 

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