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Objective: Work with teachers from Allentown, Bethlehem, and Kutztown to advance classroom use of geospatial tools such ArcGIS Online and Story Maps. 


  • June 27
  • Pick one (or more!): July 16 ; July 18; July 22; July 24
  • August 15

Location: Lehigh University Mountaintop campus, Building C room BC 005

Expectation: In appreciation of the participating teachers' time, Lehigh will use NSF funds to pay $1000 to each teacher who completes the workshop and its associate activities, namely:

  • Attend and participate in three face-to-face workshop sessions (listed above)
  • Create and implement at least one geospatial learning activity in his or her classroom + write a brief reflection on your lesson
  • Complete surveys to help evaluate the workshop's effectiveness.

Day 1 materials

To complete in-between 

Day 2 sessions

- To complete in-between

Day 3 materials

- To complete by the end

For more information, please contact Tom Hammond: hammond (at) lehigh (dot) edu

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