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The working groups that have a strikethrough below have confirmed that work within the group was suspended at some point before the Data Governance program was restructured.

Address Task Force

This group will review address inconsistencies and make recommendations on how to move forward correcting issues.

Allen Taylor <>
Diana Weaver <>
Jennifer O'Brien-Knotts  <>
Sean Shappell  <>

STVSBGI Task Force

This group is charged with identifying the best way to move forward with cleaning up the data in the SBGI validation table as many duplicates exist.

Banner Upgrade Schedule Task Force There is another group led by Manny that meets regularly for this purpose (outside of the Data Governance program).

The goal of this group is to determine an upgrade schedule that defines maintenance dates for the next year. The outcome of this schedule will allow for planning of testing periods and scheduled outages well in advance.
Chair - Manny Pena

Common Matching Task Force

The goal of this group is to implement the use of Common Matching within Banner to minimize duplicate record creation
Chair: Nick Schimmel

Supplemental Data Engine Task Force Some items for SDE were implemented and the work of this committee was done as they developed a how-to plan for units who want to implement SDE .

The goal of this group is work on implementing the Banner Supplemental Data Engine functionality.

Chair: Allen Taylor

Members: Chris Samuel-Maynard, Nick Schimmel, Jen O’Brien-Knotts, or Casey Petroski

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