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Together with theory and experimentation, computational methods now constitute a third pillar of scientific inquiry. Advanced computing technologies now allow researchers to build and test models of complex phenomena and then manage and analyze almost unimaginably large volumes of data.

Recognizing the need for computational resources for Lehigh researchers, the Research Computing (formerly High Performance Computing/HPC) group was established within Library & Technology Services (LTS) in 2005. Over the last decade, LTS Research Computing has provided Lehigh researchers with valuable computational resources to satisfy their computing and storage needs. To facilitate input from faculty on available computational resources and services, LTS has established the Research Computing Steering Committee with the objective of enhancing and governing the Research Computing environment at Lehigh University.

The charge to the Research Computing Steering Committee is:

  • Advise LTS on how to manage the Research Computing budget

  • Provide recommendation for expansion/upgrade of computing resources and facilities

  • Establish policies that govern the use of computing resources on campus

  • Assist with education, outreach and training opportunities for the campus research community

  • Assist with research enablement and connecting researchers with similar computing needs

  • Identify and encourage collaborative computational efforts and proposals

  • Assist and advise faculty with computing budget and resources when writing research proposals


Committee Members

Ex Officio Members

  • Gregory ReihmanAssociate Vice Provost and Director of the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning 
  • Alan J. Snyder, Vice President and Associate Provost for Research and Graduate Studies
  • Bruce Taggart,  Vice Provost for Library and Technology Services

Library and Technology Services Members


Meeting Information

The Research Computing Steering Committee meets quarterly.

The calendar of scheduled meetings is available at:

Meeting Minutes


Other Information

More information about research and high performance computing is available at:

Mailing Lists: 




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