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Note: This group was disbanded in June 2017 per Sherri Yerk-Zwickl (Chair). It was determined that a Project Governance strategy could not be formulated until an office (PMO) Project Management Office was established. Until this time Rose Anne Martinuzzi, LTS IT Project Manager will prioritize projects as she receives requests for acquisitions.


This working group was formed to identify and recommend a plan for identifying and prioritizing IT-related projects so that appropriate resources can be identified and applied in a timely manner.

The group's charter is listed below and is available as a PDF

ISSC Project Governance Working Group Charter

approved 7/20/2015

Library & Technology Services (LTS) provides leadership and support for a broad range of activities that advance the university in the areas of teaching and learning, research, and administrative functions. LTS provides the ability for the university community to request services and development activities from the various LTS units by submitting requests using the Footprints system. Although Footprints is used as the intake mechanism for receiving work requests, the process of deciding what requests are worked on is not well developed and results in the following challenges:

  • Difficulty in matching resources to institutional demands (there are more things requested than available resources to work on those requests).

  • Work scheduling is sometimes based on “who ever yells loudest gets their project done”.

  • No transparency and insufficient communication about what is being worked on (both internal to LTS and external clients) resulting in wasted time and resources and frustration for both LTS staff and clients.

  • Inability to accurately estimate time needed for projects (effort and duration).

  • Competition between user areas for the same staff resources.

  • Confusion for clients on how to request projects and to whom to direct their requests.

  • Inability to tie funding to project requests that require money to accomplish.

  • No mechanism to help evaluate needs and opportunities to advance university strategic goals and objectives.

  • Client areas decide to “go rogue” and acquire/use external resources rather than work with LTS, resulting in data security and support challenges.

The ISSC Project Governance Working Group has been established to define a process that can be used to evaluate and prioritize project requests which eliminates the current ad hoc process and establishes clear understandable criteria to be used to decide what requests will be done and in what priority.

The goal is to provide:

  • Better understanding and visibility into what work is being done.

  • Improve the use of staff time and financial resources to meet university goals.

  • Recommendations on how LTS can improve staffing and processes.

  • Improved communications about project status


Vacant, Chair

Jennifer O'Brien-Knotts

Julie Oltman

Manny Pena

Robert Siegfried

Sandy Smith

Charles Thomasset

Rose Anne Martinuzzi

Meeting Minutes

Minutes are available at: Project Portfolio Meeting Minutes

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