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The Library Users' Committee supports the development of the university's libraries as a resource of the academic community. The committee recommends ways and means by which the libraries may serve the needs of the students and faculty. It reports once a year to the academic community.
The committee consists of five faculty members and three students in good standing. The Vice Provost for Library and Technology Services is a non-voting member of the committee, and may be represented by a designate of his/her choosing at committee meetings. The faculty members serve three-year staggered terms and are apportioned and elected as follows: one elected from each college and one elected at large. The undergraduate student member is elected by the Student Senate. The graduate student represented is appointed by the English Department.They serve two-year staggered terms. The members elect the chairperson. In library matters relating to educational policy, the library users' committee will develop and transmit its recommendations to the educational policy committee for review and submission to the faculty for approval. (From the Lehigh University Rules and Procedures document, section available at:

Committee Members 2018-19

Committee Chair:  TBD

CAS Representative (2019)

Marie-Sophie Armstrong
Associate Professor, Modern Languages & Literature

CBE Representative (2019)

Ahmed Rahman, Associate Professor, Economics

COE Representative (2019)

Minyi Dennis, Associate Professor, Education & Human Services

RCEAS Representative (2019)

Chao Zhou, Assistant Professor, Elec & Computer Engr.

At Large (2019)
Wei-Min Huang, Professor, Mathematics

Undergraduate Student Representative

Nisha Bhatt,
Sayed Abdul Bashir Sadat

Graduate Student Representative

Heather Flyte
Adam Samit


Bruce Taggart, Vice Provost, Library and Technology Services

Sharon Wiles-Young, Director, Library Access Services, Library and Technology Services

Mark Scott, Manager: CBE/Business Data Librarian

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