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Note: Per Sherri Yerk-Zwickl this group was disbanded  - Rose Anne Martinuzzi, IT Project Manager will develop, implement, and maintain the Software Acquisition Process


This working group was formed to identify and recommend a plan for:

1) Tracking currently existing software and devices that are used by the Lehigh community for administrative purposes

2) Initiating a process that will be used to guide a staff member in procuring software and/or devices that will be used to conduct university business



1) Tracking of software and devices is underway using a Google spreadsheet available at:

The group recommends the acquisition of a software asset management tool designed for tracking applications and devices in the future.

2) A process has been developed that will guide users through the steps of acquiring information technology solutions. That process is documented in a process flowchart available on the resources page.

3) The group completed their work summer 2016 and the process is being rolled out across the Lehigh community.


Sherri Yerk-Zwickl, Chair, LTS

Jane Altemos, Purchasing

Keith Hartranft, Information Security - LTS

Kathy Miller, Controller's Office

Jennifer O'Brien-Knotts, Provost's Office

Manny Pena, Enterprise Systems Implementation - LTS

Christy Roysdon, Library Collections - LTS

Robert Siegfried, Finance and Administration Systems

Pamela Steigerwalt, Administrative Services Group - LTS

Charles Thomasset, Advancement

Rose Anne Martinuzzi, Project Management, LTS

Meeting Minutes

Minutes are available at: Information Technology Acquisition Meeting Minutes

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