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The Data Governance and Standards Committee responsibilities are:

  • Ensuring appropriate data standards are maintained and enforced

  • Identifying data policy issues and drafting data policy for ACIS

  • Maintaining the security of institutional data; providing coordination among database administrators, users, and senior managers

  • Developing appropriate definitions for institutional-specific data

  • Developing standards and expectations for data managers


The Committee is currently being led by Rose Anne Martinuzzi, IT Project manager for Planning and Administration, LTS 

Committee Members

Manny Pena - Director, Enterprise Systems

Keith Hartranft - Chief Information Security Officer

Walt Conway - Assistant Director, Finance and Administrative Systems

Data Stewards and Data Managers

(see )

Working Groups

  • Data Governance and Advisory (members are the Data Stewards, and the Chief Information Security Officer )

  • Data Standards (members will be the Data Managers and other regular attendees)

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