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The Advisory Council for Information Services (ACIS) is an appointed body which is representative of the major academic and administrative divisions of the university. ACIS was created to advise the provost on campus policies relating to Library and Technology Services' (LTS) responsibilities. ACIS reviews and approves policies developed by Library & Technology Services staff. These policies are also circulated to the campus community for comment for a period of thirty days before they receive final ACIS approval and are then forwarded to the provost for adoption.

A number of policies have been drafted and approved which can be found at

Process for Policy Adoption

  1. ACIS develops a draft policy for discussion and revision by the ACIS members.
  2. The draft policy is sent electronically to the LU community for feedback for a period of 30 days.
  3. The comments from the LU community are reviewed by ACIS. Revisions are made to the draft policy.
  4. The final draft is sent to the provost for review, modification, adoption, or rejection.
  5. After the provost's approval, an electronic message is sent to the LU community advising that the policy has been adopted. The policy is posted on the Library and Technology Services (LTS) Policies web page.

Committee Members

ACIS members are appointed by the Provost and serve 2 year terms. Membership is composed of 4 faculty members (1 from each college) and 4 staff members.

Current ACIS Members:

Yenny Anderson - Vice Provost, Institutional Research and Strategic Analytics

Walt Conway - Assistant Director, Finance & Administration

Leslie Gonnella, Assoc Vice President, Office of Development & Alumni Relations

Scott Gordon - Professor, English

Thomas Hammond - Faculty, College of Education

Sean Shappell - Sr. Director, Information Services, Office of Development & Alumni Relations

Allen Taylor & Steven Wilson - Registrar's Office

David Zhang - Assistant Professor, College of Business and Economics

Associate Professor, Computer Science and Engineering - vacant

College of Health - vacant


Ilena Key - Chief Technology Officer - chair

Eric Zematis - Chief Information Security Officer

Greg Reihman - Vice Provost, Library & Technology Services

Administrative Support:

Donna Cressman  - Coordinator, Library & Technology Services

Meeting Information

Meeting Minutes

Minutes are available at this page:  ACIS Meeting Minutes

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