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The Research Computing group enables Lehigh Faculty, Researchers and Scholars to achieve their goals by providing various computational resources including hardware, software, and storage, along with consulting and training. We provide:

Common questions

  1. How can I access High-Performance Computing (HPC) resources at Lehigh? Visit our Accounts & Allocations page to apply for computing time and storage on our on-premises cluster.
  2. Where can I learn more about Research Computing or HPC training? Visit our Seminars page to access our research computing class notes or sign up for our HPC seminar series.

How to get help

Research Computing supports a wide variety of services and projects. If you have specific questions about our services or wish to begin a conversation with our group, we have two ways to get in touch (login required).

Important note: If you are a researcher with data that is subject to Export Control Regulations AND you are storing that data on Lehigh's High Performance Computing systems, or research storage systems, you must contact the Office of the General Counsel ( or 610-758-3572) to discuss whether you may need an Export Control License before using Lehigh's Research Computing Services.

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