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Lehigh University Research Computing is pleased to announce a Programming Workshop June 28-30, 2021. This workshop will be held virtually on Zoom and open to all Lehigh Faculty, staff, students and postdocs.

This workshop will cover programming in Fortran and C, and debugging and profiling Fortran and C codes. 

Click here to register (closes at 5PM, June 24) and select the sessions you wish to attend.

Schedule is as follows

Workshop Logistics

June 289AM - 4PMFortran Programming

June 299AM - 4PMC Programming

June 309AM - 4PMDebugging and Profiling

Attendees will be provided with access to the Sol cluster for writing and compiling simple programs and are expected to be familiar with *nix commands. Attendees who plan on using their own PC need to have the GNU compiler suite installed at a minimum. No assistance will be provided with installing the compiler or fixing errors to ensure that the compiler works correctly. Attendees can use IDE such as Visual Studio, Eclipse, etc if they choose but will be own their own to fix any issues that arise. 

GNU, Intel OneAPI (formerly Intel Parallel Studio) and NVIDIA HPC SDK (formerly PGI Compiler suite) are available at no charge and can be used for this workshop. Fortran attendees choosing to use Intel OneAPI should install both the Base and HPC Toolkit.

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