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  1. Download and fill out the Global Village Medical Form
  2. Go to the Lehigh FileSender in your browser.
  3. Select the "Drop Off" option.

  4. On the next screen the FileSender will ask for your Name, Organization, and Email Address, please fill out this page and hit "Send Confirmation".

  5. Once you select "Send Confirmation" you will receive an email from "LU FileSender" with a link to follow to drop off your files, after you select the link you will be brought to this screen:

  6. In the "To:" field select the green plus icon to add the destination, for name please use "Global Village 2019" and for the email address use

  7. You can use the "Short note to the Recipients" if you need to add a note otherwise you will select the "Browse..." button to select your scan of the Medical form. Once the file is select you may add a description and then click "Drop off Files".
  8. Once you select "Drop off Files" you will be taken to a Drop Off Summary page and the account will be notified that they have files waiting for them to pick up.

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