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Customize your learning experience. 


  • July 1 – Academic Sessions
  • July 1 – Special Sessions
  • July 4/5 –Academic Led Sessions
  • July 8 – Academic Sessions
  • July 8 - Special Sessions
  • July 10 –HOT TOPIC Sessions
  • July 11 – Virtual Executive Sessions
  • July 11 – Executive Sessions
  • July 12 – New York City Sessions
  • July 16 – Academic Sessions
  • July 17 – Executive Sessions
  • July 19 – Washington DC Sessions
  • July 22 – Guide Led Sessions
  • July 22 – Villager Led Sessions I
  • July 23 – Villager Led Sessions II
  • July 23 – Villager Led Sessions III

Step-by-step guide 

  1. Open a browser and navigate to the Village Portal
  2. Enter your EventsAir username (personal email ) and password and choose Sign In to EventsAir at the bottom right.
  3. Choose Next at the bottom right to scroll past your personal data.
  4. For the schedule block, please read the descriptions of each course.
  5. Select one session in each block by clicking on the radio button. 
  6. When all sessions are selected, choose Next at the bottom right to scroll to the next area.
  7. Continue to choose Next until you see Submit. Click on SUBMIT.

Please note that sessions will have limited enrollment.  If a session is FULL, it will not be available for your selection.  You may select only one session in each period.  Registration begins June 1.  So, you may want to register early to receive your first choice session.

Once your registration is complete, your Guide will review your selection and provide feedback to ensure that your courses align with your Global Village goals.  Course and trip selections may be changed during Guide Advising sessions and must be completed by noon, June 28.  But remember, sessions that are FULL are unable to be switched into unless someone else drops from the session. Selections cannot be changed after the closing date of June 28.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact Trish Alexy, Curriculum Director at

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