This procedure installs the Citrix client (Receiver or Workspace) in macOS which allows users to run the programs shown in the LUapps storefront.  

To make the connection, you must be connected to the Lehigh network, either directly or via the ‘VPN’.  

The programs run in a virtualized environment, and are not themselves installed on the client Mac.  The virtualized environment provided by the client makes saving files a bit more complex than on one's own machine.  See 'Open and Save Files in the Citrix Environment (LUapps)’.

1.  While connected to the Lehigh network, either directly or via VPN, open Safari, and navigate to by following the link, or entering that into the address bar. 

If the Citrix Receiver client is not currently installed on your system, you'll see a page asking to install it.

Expert tip: If the download does not start after a few tries you can download the client directly from Citrix at – you can also find earlier versions here.

luapps page in safari without receiver

2.  Put a check in the box beside 'I agree with the Citrix license agreement' and click 'Install'.

checkbox to agree with license

3.  A disk image file (.dmg) containing the installer will be saved to your Downloads folder.  Type 'Command-Q' to close Safari, and then double-click on the disk image file to open it.

installer disk image file in downloads folder

4.  Opening the disk image reveals icons for installing and un-installing the Citrix client.  Double-click 'Install Citrix Receiver'. (Or 'Workspace')

icons in ctrix installer disk image

5.  Follow these steps to complete the installation:

  1. Click 'Continue' to determine whether the software can be installed,
  2. Click 'Continue' to start the installer,
  3. Click 'Agree' to agree to the license agreement,
  4. And when asked, _skip_ adding an account, and click 'Continue' again to actually run the installer.

installer screens for mac citrix client installer

6.  When the installer finishes successfully, open Safari again, and navigate again to  When asked, choose to 'Trust' the receiver.

click trust in safari to run citrix receiver

7.  Log in with your Lehigh username and password at the LUapps login screen.

login screen for luapps

8.  Once logged in, you should see the LUApps storefront, like this.  To learn more about using apps from the LUApps system, see 'Opening and Saving Files in LUApps'

luapps storefront