Use these instructions to manually connect to your Personal Network Storage space (often referred to as the 'H-drive', since it's represented that way in Windows).  There are also instructions for simplifying subsequent connections by Creating a Desktop Alias to your Network Storage Space in macOS that can be followed after you make the initial connection.

1.   Before you start:  make sure you are connected to the Lehigh campus network, either with an Ethernet cable, via Lehigh wireless ("lehigh" SSID), or via the VPN, if you are off campus (see Connect to the VPN (Mac)).

2.   Switch to the Finder by clicking on the desktop. From the Go menu, select Connect to Server... (or use the keyboard shortcut "Command-K").

3.  Enter the following into the "Server Address" box in the Connect to Server. . . dialog:


. . . where username is your Lehigh username

4. Click on the plus (+) button to the right of the "Server Address" box to save the address in the "Favorite Servers" box.  On your next connection, this can simply be double-clicked.

5.  Finally, click Connect.

6.  You will be prompted for your "Lehigh login credentials" (username and password).  Also, be sure also to specify "Registered User'" in the dialog, and click Connect again.  

If you have difficulty, try preceding the username with 'ad\' (e.g. 'ad\dab406').

7.  A window will open showing the contents of your Personal Network Storage Space.  If desired, you can now continue to Create a Desktop Alias to a Network Storage Space in macOS and on to Auto-Mount Network Drives on macOS, for easy reconnection.