Follow these steps to install the Citrix Workspace (LUapps) onto an Apple iOS device.  Note that interface differs on iPads and iPhone.   Steps here show the iPad interface.

1.  Open the App Store

iOS App Store icon

2.  In the App Store, search for 'Citrix Workspace' and navigate to it's page.

iOS App Store search for Citrix Receiver

3.  Click on the 'Get' button on the Citrix Workspace listing.

4.  Once the app is installed, you'll see a screen that allows you to point the program at Lehigh's server.  Click 'Add Account'.

iOS Citrix Receiver Add Account button

5.  In the first window, type '' and click 'Next'.

iOS Citrix add account and type

6.  In the next screen, enter your Lehigh username and password, and click 'Log In'

iOS Citrix enter username

7.  Once logged in, your 'Favorites' are displayed.  To add favorites, display all of your available apps by clicking the 'Plus' tab.

iOS Citrix Plus Tab

8.  Select Favorites by clicking the 'plus boxes'.

iOS citrix plus boxes

9.  When an app opens, look for the top tab to pull out a tray of controls.  These allow you to return to your favorites, access files, pan on the screen with arrow keys, bring up a keyboard to type, a pointer to click, a magnifier to view, and a mouse control for right-clicking and dragging items on the screen, and switching between apps.

iOS Citrix client controls