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My wireless connection on campus is very slow.

Check the network speed troubleshooting guide. If this does not resolve your problem, report your location, the date and time of your issue, and your finding from troubleshooting at

My wireless connection at home (off-campus) is slow or not working.

While LTS does not support home wireless, some good general advice is:

  • Turn your wireless router/device off for about ten seconds and back on.
  • Reboot your connected laptop, computer, or other device.
  • Contact your Internet Service Provider for additional help. 

We are inviting a vendor or guest to campus and we need them to have fast wireless. Who should we contact?

Read about our wireless access for guests. If the vendor or guest is an eduroam user, they can use eduroam at Lehigh. Otherwise, complete a special account request at least a day before their arrival. 

What wireless coverage should I expect on campus?

Wireless coverage is excellent throughout the campus and nearby buildings.