Microsoft Office 365 is available at

  1. Authenticate to Microsoft Office 365 Interface using your Lehigh email address and password. To access the Microsoft Office 365 Interface type the following URL in the address box:

    Note: If you currently have an older version of MS Office installed on your computer, we recommend that you uninstall that version before proceeding with the Office 365 installation, to avoid possible installation conflicts.

  2. Click on the "Install Office" button, located in the upper right corner.

  3. Launch the Office 365 installation from the downloaded file.

    Click "Next" at the first screen and accept the default settings at the next several screens.

  4. Click "All Done" in the final installation screen.

  5. You have now installed Office 365 and are ready to get started! Click "Next" in the following screen.

  6. Sign in to your Office 365 page and discover the benefits of Office 365 and OneDrive! Use your Lehigh email address and password to sign into Microsoft Office 365.

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