This document outlines installing the Citrix Receiver (or Workspace) client on a Windows desktop computer via the web.  The Citrix client allows users to access and use software installed on virtual machines in the Lehigh Computing Center.  For more information, see the main LUapps service page.

To use the software, your client device must be connected to the Lehigh network, either directly with a cable or Wi-Fi connection, or remotely over the internet via the VPN.

1.  While connected to the Lehigh network, either directly, or remotely via the VPN, open a web browser (Chrome is used in this example), and navigate to  If the Citrix Receiver is not installed on your system, you'll see a request to detect it.  Click Detect Receiver.

luapps site -- detect client

2.  When detection doesn't find the client, you'll be offered the option to download the receiver.  

Make sure that box next to 'I agree with the Citrix license agreement' is checked, and then,

click Download.

Expert tip: If the download does not start after a few tries you can download the client directly from Citrix at – you can also find earlier versions here.

luapps -- download client

3.  Once the installer program has finished downloading, run it.  In the Chrome web browser, the downloaded file will appear in the bottom left corner of the browser window.  

Click on it to run it, and start the installation wizard.

downloaded installer in Chrome window

4.  On Windows systems, the installation wizard has four screens.  

  1. Click Start,
  2. Put a check next to 'I accept the license agreement',
  3. Click Next,
  4. Put a check next to 'Enable single sign-on',
  5. Click Install, and after it runs,
  6. Finally click 'Finish'.

Windows Citrix Installer screens

5.  Once the installation wizard is complete, return to your web browser, and click Continue.

luapps -- continue button

6.  You may be asked to approve starting the Citrix Receiver Launcher.  Respond in the affirmative.

In Chrome, this means clicking Open Citrix Receiver Launcher.

luapps - open receiver launcher

7.  When you see the fields, enter your Lehigh username and password.

luapps -- Citrix login

8.  Once logged in, you should see a window displaying all of the apps to which you're entitled.  If you have questions about what applications are available to you, contact your Computing Consultant.

luapps -- Citrix storefront

9.  Clicking on one of the application icons will start that application, and open that application's window on your screen.  When opening or saving files in these applications, you'll be using the Windows file system, and it's highly recommended to save to your network file storage spaces.  The default storage location is in the VirtualFiles folder within your 'H-Drive' (Personal Network Space).  For a quick overview of those, see Finding your Network Storage Spaces in Windows.