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You can download Google Cloud Printer, which adds the Google Cloud printer driver to your computer's printer list and allows you to print to any LTS public site printer connected to Google Cloud Print. This makes printing any type of document or image file from your Windows computer easier -- no need to download individual printer drivers, connect to the VPN, or the print server.

NOTE: you must have the Google Chrome browser installed on your computer.

1.  Download and install the Google Cloud Printer driver for Windows.

2.  While printing a document, select the Google Cloud Printer.

3.  You may be prompted to sign in with your Google account -- enter your full Lehigh email address, and then sign in with your username and password.

4.  Choose a printer to which your job will be sent.

NOTE: it is important to know the name of the printer you want to print to beforehand. LTS printer names follow the format '<building>-<room_number>-<printer_model>'.