After removing previous installations of ChemOffice, and downloading the installation file, follow the instructions below to install ChemDraw Pro into Windows.

1.  Locate the installer file in your 'Downloads' folder.  (you may have a newer version than shown here)

2.  Double-click the file to open the installer window, and click on 'Install Software' to start the installation wizard.

3.  Before the installer wizard starts, you will be asked to activate your software.  Enter your name, 'Lehigh University', the email with which you registered with Perkin Elmer, and the Registration Code from your email.  If you don't receive an email, check the software information page for the key for the version you've installed.

4.  In the installation wizard, continue to click 'Next' to accept default configuration options.  (Accepting the license requires scrolling to the bottom of it)

5.  Finally, Click 'Install' to have the software installed on your system according to the selected parameters.

6.  Once the wizard has finished, you can start the program by clicking on the 'Start' button, and typing 'ChemDraw Professional'.