Follow the steps below for a local installation of COMSOL on Windows.  Note that the software is also available via LUapps.

1.  Download the .iso file. This file is an archive of the software vendor's DVD, containing the installer program, and all of the software files. It's available on the Lehigh University Install Software pages ( You'll need to log in with your Lehigh username and password.

2.  On the page for the COMSOL installer, in the pane for the download, take note of the name and port number for the license server: (port 27000) (for academic research only)
or (port 27000) (for classroom use only - limited locations)

3.  Double-click on the .iso file to mount it.  Then, navigate to the drive, and double-click "setup.exe."

4.  Once the COMSOL installer has started, you'll select a language, click 'New COMSOL Installation', click the radio button to accept the license agreement, and make sure to enter the information about the license server, by selecting 'portnumber@hostname' from the 'Licensing Format' pull-down menu in the 'Licensing Information' section.

comsol license page

5.  Continue by clicking 'Next' to accept the default configuration selections. The installer may need to download updates, which require additional 'Installations'. Simply continue until the installer shows that you've completed it successfully.

A COMSOL program icon will be available on your desktop.