In order to successfully complete the configuration, you need to be in a location that provides access to the network(s) to which you are trying to connect.  Signal strength may vary from location to location, and you may need to move to get the best signal.  

As well, some computers have physical toggle switches to turn the wireless radio on or off. Your wireless radio must be turned on in order to complete any of the steps below.

The steps for setting up wireless are fundamentally the same for all Windows versions, but menus and settings will look slightly different on Windows 8/10 computers. 

In the event that the steps below fail to provide a connection, an alternate method is also available.  Troubleshooting tips are also available in the FAQ.

1.  Click on the wireless icon located on the Windows taskbar and view networks.

Click Wireless icon

2.  Choose lehigh and click the Connect button.

Click connect

3.  Enter your Lehigh username (abc123) and password into their respective fields and click OK.

4.  When prompted with an alert regarding validation of server credentials, click Connect.

Security alert

5.  To verify successful connection, click the wireless icon on the Windows taskbar again. If successfully connected, you will see Connected appear next to the lehigh wireless network.

If you're not connected, try the Alternate Method or check the FAQ for troubleshooting info.

Successful connection