Only Lehigh faculty and staff have access to files on the I-Drive. The specific folders and permissions for each department are unique, so what you see will depend on how your department has set up the folders there. If you are unsure about your path, consult your department staff or computing consultant.

1.  Right-Click on your My Computer icon and choose Map Network Drive.

2.  Enter details in the connection form:

  1. From the 'Drive' pull-down, select "I:" drive.
  2. In the 'Folder' box, type "\\\common\".  This maps to the top level, showing all stems and departments.  
  3. If you prefer to map directly to your department, you can add directory levels to the string as in "\\\common\<OU>\<dept>\" where <OU> and <dept> are your stem and department as listed in the hierarchy. 
  4. Check the box for Reconnect at sign-in.
  5. Click Finish.
  6. If prompted for a password, enter AD\{userid} and your password.

3.  The directory will appear under "This PC" and show you all files and subdirectories to which you have access.