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'Print Select' is a web-based tool for finding and installing connections to networked printers at Lehigh.  It asks a couple of questions, and then shows a list of printers in your building, and provides links to either download a script for creating the connection on your computer or simply showing the printer's network name.

Please note:  if you are using an LTS computing site station, the nearest printers are already connected and configured.

If you wish to print to any of LTS's computing site printers from a personal laptop or other non-public site computer, the recommended method is Web Print. 

1.  While connected to the Lehigh network, open a web browser and go to

  1. You'll need to log in with your Lehigh username and password.
  2. Then, select your computer's operating system.

2Then select the building containing the printer to which you wish to print from the pull-down, and a list of rooms with printers will be displayed.

3.  Each row in the list will show a room, and some number of printers.  Listed printers will show their Model Number (With a Link), and a  'Copy' icon.

  • The 'Copy' icon simply copies the network name of that printer onto your clipboard for pasting into other printer connection tools (like those built into your OS -- Mac, Windows).
  • Clicking the model number link will download an installation script for that specific printer, and the chosen OS.  

4.  Depending on your device's operating system, and it's security settings, running the script might be as simple as double-clicking on the file, or it might not run at all.

  • On a Mac, you'll receive a file called 'install.applescript'.  Double-clicking that file will open Apple's 'Script Editor'.  Click the 'Run' button, and enter any needed passwords to allow the script to run.
  • On Windows, you'll receive a script called 'install.vbs'.  Double-clicking that file will cause Windows to ask if you're sure you want to run it, and then the script will pop a window to request to run.  Click 'Open' and then 'Yes', respectively.

In both cases, if the script runs, you'll get a note saying the printer was installed.



5.  When you go to print a job to this printer,

a) it will be listed by it's network name, which includes it's location and model, and

b) many machines (home PCs, most Macs) will require authentication with your Lehigh username and password via a pop-up window to allow the printout to go through.  

It's best to add the 'ad\' prefix to your Lehigh username here, as shown.

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