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This page describes common questions and answers regarding Websites.

How can I get help with Dreamweaver, FTP issues, or web authoring with HTML? 

To start, contact the LTS Help Desk. A member of our team provides Dreamweaver support and we can also troubleshoot ftp and general web authoring issues.

How can I make my web address easier to remember and type, or how can I redirect a URL?

Go links are the best way to create and manage short, memorable URLs or web addresses. Read about setting up and managing go links.

My Lehigh-hosted web site is no longer available.

If your web site is a personal or department account (URL may include a ~ ), your account password may have expired (it must be changed every six months). You can check this:

  1. Go to 
  2. Click on Display Account Info.
  3. Enter your the web site's account name this is the account that is part of the web page's URL (e.g., ~sek2, ~infaa or ~inceas). Omit the tilde ~ when you enter the account. 

  4. Note the status of the account. If the status is not open, check the password change history. If your last password change was six months or more, you need to change your password at

I'm getting a web page warning or restriction.

Occasionally while web searching at work, your web browser will display a warning page that either blocks or advises against visiting a web page you are trying to view. The warning page can mean one of several things  including...

  • The web site is known to be dangerous or to routinely infect machines with maleware or viruses.
  • The web site is temporarily compromised because it has become infected or has been hijacked.
  • The web site's author has not updated the site's security certificate.

This determination is made by a service that maintains a list of sites that are known to host malware or other malicious software, and when a user requests a web page from one of those sites it is blocked. When a problem (if temporary) is fixed the site will be taken off the list in time. 

If you feel strongly that a designation is in error, you can connect to Lehigh Guest wireless to view the site -- however do this with caution, and from a computer that has current anti-malware/virus software, and that can be easily formatted and reloaded without loss of important data.  If you bypass LTS security measures, you do it at your own risk. 

My wix, weebly, or personal blog is blocked by Lehigh.

If you find that you are blocked from accessing a web site while on Lehigh's network, that site may be blacklisted by domain blacklisting services. This can occur when a site contains suspicious/malicious code or is compromised in some way. If a site you manage is unavailable/blocked, you can contact the LTS Help Desk at or our Security staff at We can determine the source of the problem.

Web site hosting services are vulnerable

It's common for web sites hosted by non-Lehigh services (e.g., Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, Wordpress, etc) to be blacklisted. If you use these site hosting services or have your students use them, be aware that these sites are at high risk for being blacklisted, which means they will not be accessible from the campus secured network.

What does it mean when a site is blacklisted?

Lehigh subscribes to a number of malware and security-related filters that help protect Lehigh's users and network from dangerous content.  Because web hosting/blogging sites operate many web sites in one place, a problem with any one of the sites will result in the entire domain (e.g., being blocked. It will remain blocked until  the hosting site takes steps to have it removed from the list. The process can occur quickly, or it can take days. Lehigh does not recommend hosting Lehigh content on third-party services. Instead, speak with an LTS consultant about your needs. 

Is there a workaround?

While the site is blocked on the campus secure wired and wireless networks,it will still be available to people on Lehigh's unsecured 'lehigh guest' wireless network, or an off-campus connection to the Internet.

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact the Help Desk or the LTS Security Office.

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