Occasionally while web searching at work, your web browser will display a warning page that either blocks or advises against visiting a web page you are trying to view. The warning page can mean one of several things  including...

  • The web site is known to be dangerous or to routinely infect machines with maleware or viruses.
  • The web site is temporarily compromised because it has become infected or has been hijacked.
  • The web site's author has not updated the site's security certificate.

This determination is made by a service that maintains a list of sites that are known to host malware or other malicious software, and when a user requests a web page from one of those sites it is blocked. When a problem (if temporary) is fixed the site will be taken off the list in time. 

If you feel strongly that a designation is in error, you can connect to Lehigh Guest wireless to view the site -- however do this with caution, and from a computer that has current anti-malware/virus software, and that can be easily formatted and reloaded without loss of important data.  If you bypass LTS security measures, you do it at your own risk.