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HTC VIVE Virtual Reality (VR) System: The VIVE headset transports the wearer into an immersive world complete with stunning graphics, a 110˚ field of view, intuitive controls, and touch-based feedback.  Not only could a user’s VR session be concurrently viewed on the MultiTaction iWall and/or the Mondopad Ultra, but the Lab was also designed with the capacity to stream VIVE sessions out over the Internet.

Follow this link to learn more about Virtual Reality.

How to use the Vive in the Visualization Lab

Turn on the MultiTaction Wall

Wake up the touch panel in the black cabinet by pressing once and then select multi-traction mode.

Select the Vive Canvas on the MultiTaction Wall

Use the Canvas Menu to select the Vive Canvas. 

Turn on the Primary (Vive) PC

When you select the home button on the touch panel  if you see a message that there is no active signal, please check that the Vive or Primary PC in on.

The Primary PC is the tower on the left side. The power button will glow if on.

Locate the Vive Keyboard, turn it on, and press one of the mouse buttons to wake up the Primary PC.

The home screen should now indicate that the Primary PC is on and sending a signal to the Multitaction wall.

Log into the Viveport application on the Primary PC.

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