This documentation aims to provide a brief overview of the settings quick menu, identified as the "gear" icon throughout the Boost theme in Course Site. The gear icon appears in nearly every context within a course where settings relating to that context (activity, resource, course, etc.) can be accessed.

The gear icon is a consistent motif found through the Boost them. It indicates a clickable menu of settings corresponding to the context  within which it appears (e.g. course, assignment, quiz, etc.) There is often a "More" link which brings you to a nicely laid out page of all available settings relating to the course, activity, or resource context you are in.

Accessing course level settings

At the course level (course main page), the gear icon can be found in the course name header above the "Turn editing on" button. In this context, the gear icon reveals the course-level settings.

Accessing activity/resource specific settings

In the context of a forum activity (accessed by simply clicking on such an activity within your course), the gear icon reveals forum-level settings for the given forum.

In the context of an assignment, the gear icon reveals assignment-level settings for the given assignment activity.

In the context of a quiz, the gear icon reveals quiz-level settings for the given quiz activity.

In the context of the attendance activity, the gear icon reveals attendance-level settings for the given attendance activity.

In the context of a folder, the gear icon reveals folder-level settings for the given folder.

Questions and additional information

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If you have questions or need more information, please feel free to contact the Instructional Technology team by submitted a ticket at

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