1. Log into your Zoom account portal at lehigh.zoom.us and navigate to the Meetings page to click on your scheduled meeting. If you do not have a scheduled meeting, schedule one now.
  2. From the meeting management page, scroll to the bottom to find the Poll option. Click Add to begin creating the poll.
  3. Enter a title and your first question. 
    • (Optional) Check the box to make the poll anonymous, which will keep the participant's polling information anonymous in the meeting and in the reports. 
    • Select whether you want the question to be single choice(participants can only choose one answer) or multiple choice question(participants can choose multiple answers).
  4. Type in the answers to your question and click Save at the bottom.
  5. You can also choose to continue adding questions for the particular poll.
  6. You can add more polls by repeating Step 2.

* You can also create a poll by clicking Polling during the meeting. This will open up your default web browser where you can add additional polls or questions. 

Note: You can only create a max of 25 polls for a single meeting.

Launching a poll

  1. Start the scheduled Zoom meeting that has polling enabled.
  2. Click Polls in the meeting controls.
  3. Select the poll you would like to launch.
  4. Click Launch Poll.
  5. The participants in the meeting will now be prompted to answer the polling questions. The host will be able to see the results live.
  6. Once you would like to stop the poll, click End Poll.
  7. If you would like to share the results to the participants in the meeting, click Share Results.
    Participants will then see the results of the polling questions.

Downloading a report of poll results

You can download a report of the poll results after the meeting.

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