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The Lightboard located in the DIY Video Recording Studio in room 522A inside EWFM Library is available for creating forward-facing presentations with the ability to write on the glass in front of you. It can be used to create lecture content, presentations for assignments, concept explanations, and more.

The Lightboard utilizes the self-service video recording technology to enable you to easily record your own video presentations. 

How the Lightboard Works

The Lightboard uses a large piece of architectural glass illuminated by thousands of LED lights around its perimeter. When written on with special whiteboard markers, the writing appears to glow. As the presenter, you see everything you write while always facing your audience (the camera). As the viewer, you see everything exactly as it is written, nothing appears reversed. This is because the image is being "flipped" while it is being recorded. As a result, presenters are able to illustrate lessons with a diagram, transcribe formulas, or annotate drawings without blocking the written content with their bodies and without turning their backs to their audience.

Watch Lehigh adjunct professor Matt Bilsky's Lightboard lesson on DC motor model derivation as used with his ME-207 course:

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