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Set up a new Zoom Account as needed by logging into Zoom.

Once you are logged in to Course Site, turn editing on (upper right-hand corner) and select the "Add an Activity or Resource" at the bottom of a topic  and scroll down to Zoom Meeting under Activities.

You will then need to complete the following form. You can title your meeting, add a description, and then set a scheduled start date. When you are finished editing, click "save and return to course". You will then see a Zoom link listed in your course. Students will be able to launch meeting at the designated time using this link. Click here for more information on how to use Zoom.

NOTE: Anyone with an active Lehigh computing account can use Zoom meetings. By default, each account is provisioned as Basic. If you need to hold a meeting longer than 40 minutes at a time or would like to take advantage of additional features, contact the Instructional Technology team and request Pro-level access.

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