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Some Lehigh classrooms are equipped with SMART Podiums for easy screen annotation. The SMART Podium works the same as your typical monitor display, but with the addition of annotation using a stylus directly on the display, newer models also function as touch screen monitors. When you are projecting to a classroom display/projection system, the notes, illustrations, highlights, and other annotations you make on the SMART Podium will also be displayed on the classroom display/projection system.

Getting started

Basic annotation

In short, you can annotate over just about any screen/application on the display, though certain features may vary depending on if the application you are running supports additional functionality. Please note, newer SMART podium models support touch as well; however, for the purpose of this documentation, we recommend using the SMART stylus attached to the SMART podium for a consistent experience regardless of classroom.

You can change the color/type of the annotations as well as the function of the stylus using the physical buttons located either on the right-side (pictured below left) or top (pictured below right) of the physical device, depending on model.

To annotate, simply pick up the stylus and begin making annotations on the display. Your annotations will show up. 

To erase your annotations, either press the button or select the eraser option. Alternatively, on newer models, you can simply use the top of the stylus as you would a pencil with an eraser on top.

Annotating over a slide presentation (or Microsoft Office applications)

Basic troubleshooting and common questions

The monitor appears to be off, despite the room audio/video system being turned on?

It is possible that the SMART podium itself may be powered off. To turn on the SMART podium, simply press the power button located at the bottom-left (pictured below left) or top-left (pictured below right) of the physical device, depending on device model.

How do I hide the SMART Ink tools menu icon?

SMART Ink iconThe SMART Ink tools icon (pictured to the left) shows up by default on the current screen being displayed on the SMART Podium. While this overlay icon is small, you may wish to hide it. Not all SMART Podium models support this feature. However, if this is supported, you will find five buttons on the right side of the physical display. The lower button (pictured in the diagram below) will hide the SMART Ink tools overlay icon.

To Annotate Presentations


  1. Open up PowerPoint
  2. Start slide show
  3. Choose your pen color by pressing the desired button
  4. Pick up Pen
  5. Save changes in order to keep your annotations

Google Slides

  1. Open up Chrome
  2. Pick up Pen
    • Please note that your annotations will not be saved and will be overlaid across the screen (they will not move with your slides)


  1. In a browser:
    1. pick up pen, annotate as above - uses SMART ink
      1. Please note that your annotations will not be saved and will be overlaid across the screen (they will not move with your slides)
    2. Ink is tab-aware but will not scroll with a page
  2. In Acrobat Reader:
    1. uses SMART ink

Microsoft (MS) Office Apps

  1. Use MS Office Ink in the Pens section of the Ribbon within each app to change pen colors, etc.
  2. Annotations will be location-aware (they will move with your slides) 
  3. In MS Office Apps, the SMART Ink wheel displays.
    1. If the wheel is in the way, you may hide it per the instructions above

To Annotate Web-based Content

  • Course Site 
  • G Suite
  • Website

Using a Whiteboard 

  • Smart Note Book
  • One Note

Turn Smart Ink Back On

Smart Ink can be temporarily disabled in your user profile.  The next time you log, you may have to reactivate.

Please click on the bottom button on the right hand side of the monitor.

How to Erase Annotations

How to Change Pen Colors

How to Change Stylus Line Thickness

How to Save Annotations

Microsoft Ink VS Smart Ink

Additional Information:

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