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Managing your Lehigh Google Account

Your account gives you access to google's tools and unlimited storage.  However, many of us also use a personal gmail account as well.  Often this can be confusing or difficult to manage when logging into multiple google accounts in chrome.  In some cases, the default account will launch when you really want to use a different account.  The key is knowing which account you are logged into and how to manage. 

Your default account is normally the one you signed in with first.

You can solve this issue in multiple ways.

1) Use an incognito Chrome browser (press Ctrl+ Shift + N) to open an additional google account in a private Chrome browser window:

This is best on a public computer or for a quick fix.

2) Using multiple google accounts in one Chrome browser window with multiple tabs:

This works best if you are the only person using chrome on the device you are adding a google account to. 

Make sure to add/log into your primary account first, so that this will be your default account.

3) Using multiple google accounts in separate unique Chrome browser windows:

This works best if you share a device with another person

or if you wish to keep your personal g suite account settings (such as bookmarks, extensions, and more) and your institutional g suite account settings completely separate.

Information about your privacy settings:

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