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Beginning in the Fall 2017 semester, Lehigh will discontinue its license of Blackboard Collaborate for use by faculty, staff and students. The Blackboard Collaborate activity from within Course Site will no longer be available and LTS will no longer be taking requests to create Collaborate meetings.


Documentation is available on how to get started using Zoom and learn more about its meeting features.


If you plan to use Elluminate to record a presentation for later viewing the following instructions detail how to set up the session for optimal recording.

(Note: this is different than hosting a live web event that you also want to record for people to view at a later time).

1) Log into your Elluminate session using the URL provided (you will need to have moderator access in order to do the following items)

2) Upload your presentation. Click on the folder icon to the left of the Whiteboard area to initiate the upload of your Powerpoint file(s).

3) Run the audio wizard to ensure that your microphone is working properly. Click on Tools > Audio > Audio Setup Wizard

4) Set screen to show only the presentation/whiteboard area. Click on View > Present Content > click on Whiteboard > click on the Present button. The whiteboard area will be highlighted with a yellow border to indicate that only the Whiteboard area is being recorded.

5) Click on the record button at the bottom left of the screen to begin recording.

6) Present your content

7) Stop the recording when finished by clicking on the pause/stop button at the bottom left of the screen.

8) Exit Elluminate by clicking on File > Exit, or by clicking on the red "X" at the top right area of the screen

9) Contact your IT consultant to request the recording link. The IT consultant will email you the link to the recording for your review and posting.

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