The Dropbox website and apps provide a convenient method for switching between your personal dropbox and your Lehigh Dropbox, so that you can keep those things separate, but also transfer things between them as needed.  Still, there are some details that you should check during initial setup of your Lehigh Dropbox.

Initial Setup

1.  If your personal Dropbox was set up using your Lehigh email, starting the setup process for a Lehigh Dropbox will give you an option to either 1) Merge that personal account into your new Lehigh account (and create a new, separate, personal one) or 2) change the email address associated with that personal one, and leave it separate.  LTS recommends merging, since you'll get an opportunity to create a separate new personal account as well, and easy transfer or sharing of files is also available. 

If your personal Dropbox is already associated with your personal (non-Lehigh) email, skip down to "Switching between Personal and Lehigh Dropbox" below.

The Dropbox setup wizard will guide you through that process of merging a personal Dropbox attached to a Lehigh email as shown in the screenshots below (click to enlarge):

1.  Initial Option Screen -- Click the "Join the Lehigh University account" box.

2.  Action button changes when merge option chosen -- click the "Join Lehigh University account" button.

3.  Merge in progress -- click "Confirm"

4.  Merge successful -- click "Show me my Stuff" to go to your new Dropbox home page.

Switching between Personal and Lehigh Dropbox

2.  One of the first things a Lehigh user will see on reaching their Lehigh Dropbox home page is an invitation to create and / or link to their personal Dropbox for easy switching.

If you just merged a personal account with your Lehigh account:

  1. Enter a personal email in the box labelled 'A' to create a new personal account, and
  2. Enter a password you'll use to access it, and
  3. Click "Set up personal Dropbox".

If you already have a personal Dropbox account under a personal (non-Lehigh) email, click "Sign In" by the 'B', and enter the username and password.

To switch between your Lehigh Dropbox, and your personal Dropbox, click on the profile icon in the upper right corner, and select the other account from the menu under "Switch Accounts".

A new window will open asking for your personal account password, and allow you to log in.

Once you've entered the password you can switch between windows until one session or the other expires.

3.  Check Third-Party Integrations:  The initial setup of your Lehigh Dropbox may cause a little disruption if you have other systems or software integrated with your personal Dropbox.  Your personal Dropbox folder will have been renamed from "Dropbox" to "Dropbox (Personal)".   You'll need to check any other system configuration references or shortcuts you had to that folder to make sure they're still pointed to the right place.