At the Lehigh University Digital Media Studio we license audio from the APM Music Collection for use with class projects.

Under our license you are allowed to use APM Music in your videos that are shown online, in classrooms, and for fundraising purposes. The moment in which you would have to pay additional fees per track is when your video is shown at a public performance or at an event like a film festival. 

1.  To visit the APM Music Library, open a browser, and go to

2.  To register, click the register button in the upper right hand corner. When creating your account make sure to use your Lehigh email address and list Lehigh University in the company field. After registration, you will receive an email from APM Music containing a link to create your password.

3.  You can use the search bar at the top based on keywords or browse based on CD from the middle of the page. Click the play button to preview a track and the down arrow underneath the track to download it.

4.  For the best audio quality choose the .WAV file. An .MP3 is good too, it's just lower quality due to compression. The .WAV file is uncompressed. Select whether you want to get an email link or download the file directly. 

By default the file name will be the Track ID and Track Title.

Click Submit to start the download.