Web Print is a method for printing to public site printers via laptops and can be accessed at any time directly through your PaperCut account. Web Print is a Web-based printing application that enables printing from your own computer by uploading the document to be printed to the papercut server, without the need to install printers or drivers on your computer.  There are, however, some limitations to printing via Web Print.  Web Print works best with simple PDF files.  It also can print an MS Office document, but if that document has embedded functions or you want selected pages, it's best to save it to PDF before printing. Web Print can be convenient for your printing needs if you need to print one of these types of files quickly on a device that does not yet have public site printers installed.

1.  Log into your PaperCut account at https://papercut.cc.lehigh.edu:9192/user (with your Lehigh username and password), and click the link in the left-side navigation for Web Print as shown below.

2.  On the Web Print page, click on 'Submit a Job'

3.  On the Printers page, select a printer, and then scroll down to click on 'Print Options and Account Selection'


4.  Specify a number of copies, and click on 'Upload and Complete'

5.  Finally, either drag and drop a file onto the page, or click 'Upload from Computer' to navigate to your file.

Last, click 'Upload & Complete' to transfer the file, and proceed to the printer to pick up your printout.

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