Please Note:

Chrome browser with Google Assignments is highly recommended, but all major browsers are supported.

Groups will not work with Google Assignments as well as other native course site features found in Course Site Assignments.

Prompted to Enable Cookies

Safari often disables cookies by default, so you might need to enable them if you use this OS. 

You may need to turn off "block third-party cookies" on your chrome browser to log into your linked Lehigh account in Course Site.

This is often required on public machines.

Please review this link for how to do this:

Google Assignments won't load in Chrome Brower in the Course Site Window

If you already have enabled cookies, and pop-ups – you should check your chrome extensions.

Disable Extensions that prevent Google Assignment from Launching such as DuckDuck go privacy essentials.


Can't Access Google Assignments

Cause: Professor copied Google Assignments from the previous semester and did not relink their Lehigh Google Account.

Solution: Professor will need to either open a Google Assignment and relink, or recreate a new Google Assignment.

Can't see the complete Google Assignment window

You may need to change your screen magnification in your browser window.

Here is how to do so in Chrome:

Manage Multiple Accounts

You may also be using multiple google accounts- And remember, You can only use your Lehigh google account with Google Assignments!

Please review the information below for more on how to manage multiple accounts.

Using Multiple Google Accounts

Must Use Save and Display

If you are a professor, when you add new Google Assignments, you must hit "save and display". Then you can link your google account.

If you hit "save and return to course", you are not prompted to log into google and students will not be able to submit work to your assignment.

Do Not Edit or Grade Student work from your Google Drive

This will cause issues with synching to Course Site.

Do not duplicate or import Google Assignments from another course

Currently, professors can't copy Google assignments and need to add new instances in your course shell for each Google Assignment. Professors and students will get error messages and the Google assignments will not function properly if imported.

Professor can't return a Google Assignment without a grade

Google Assignments has no way of indicating that an assignment has been completed if there is no grade, so the LMS will not distinguish between students who submitted an assignment that was ungraded and students who did not submit an assignment at all. 

Incorrect Professor linked to Initial Google Assignment first

This may cause a 500 error if the incorrect professor is removed from the course.

  1. Ask the incorrect professor to Log into her Lehigh google account
  2. Go to
  3. Delete the correct course.
  4. The primary teacher should then go back into Course Site to an assignment and relink their account, making them the course owner.

Linked Wrong Google Account

Open the google assignment, click on the SWITCH button in the upper right, and follow the prompts to re-link Lehigh Google Account.

How do Google Assignments work for a student?

Additional Resources

Google Troubleshooting Page

Google Assignment Help Center

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