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This mode, for the connecting the room system into a web conferencing session (e.g.: Zoom, Webex,), uses a SIP Address. If you are connected to a session, please request a SIP address from the host.  If you are hosting the session you will be the one generating. 

Note: How do I create a SIP Address for my meetings?

Option 1:  You have a zoom pro account. . If you have a pro account, all meeting by default include a SIP address:

Option 2:  You have CRM enabled on your Cisco Webex account.

Step 1: Touch Display and wake up the touch panel.

Step 2: Select "Telepresence Presenter Mode"

Step 3:  Enter in a SIP Address. ( Here is an example of a SIP address:

Step 4:  Touch the Crestron Panel (small panel on the podium) and the keyboard will come up. You then enter the SIP address: Once you have entered the address click "Dial"

Note: If you are the host of a  webex session, you then need to enter the the host key ( ie 123456). You will hear a voice prompt.  If you are not the host, you will need to us the dial controls and press 8.

Step 5: Set the room up as you would like to see it. There are 3 screens in the front, 2 in the back, 2 side monitors and the annotator ( large display on podium). Any input can be routed to any output course.

Tips: If you using the room PC, you can route that to the Annotator ( large monitor on the podium)

Tech Tools:

Camera Settings:

Shade Settings

Tech Controls

Select the sources and where you want them to go in the room.

Sharing Content in a Session:

Select what you want to be sharing, by default the PC is shared.

Camera Controls

There are three cameras in this room, front right, front left and a 1 rear camera.

The default will be a shot from the rear camera to the podium. If you want to change that to have the camera on the audience, you can select a different camera and then zoom in or out. If things appear out of focus, click a preset.

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