If you have been away from Lehigh and are on an official leave of absence (LOA), your Lehigh account privileges will depend on LOA status and policies for graduate students and undergraduates (they differ).  If you are on an official leave of absence and cannot access your Lehigh acount, contact the LTS Help Desk (610-758-4357 or helpdesk@lehigh.edu). We can help you troubleshoot access problems and assist in finding out what services you are entitled to you while you are on leave.

You can still use your LIN and PIN to access the Banner system for transcripts etc. If you have forgotten your PIN, go to http://www.lehigh.edu/forgot and enter your LIN. You will be prompted to answer your security questions and then to change your PIN.

Here is additional information on the Lehigh Leave of Absence policies:

LTS cannot reinstate an account without a directive from other campus units (e.g., Registration Services and/or Student Affairs).

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