Requesting Videos at Lehigh: Streaming Video

The Lehigh Libraries offer this guide on requesting videos for streaming.

Panopto  (Instructional videos, tutorials, lectures, student projects)

We have a site license for a product called Panopto it has the ability for faculty and  students to record video and upload it directly to course site for many different devices. Panopto works similarly to video production software such as Camtasia, but it reduces the time it takes to record, edit, and upload video. Faculty can create things like instructional videos, tutorials, lectures, etc.

For more information have a look at our Panopto documentation or contact the IT team at initt@lehigh.edu

Ensemble Video (External Audiences, promotional uses, high-end production values, large audience) 

Lehigh University has contracted with Ensemble Video to provide the streaming of videos for educational use via the web.  Educational video services include:

  • Administrative staff videos (ex. tutorials, training videos, etc.)
  • Videos with the appropriate streaming rights acquired by Lehigh Library and Technology Services
  • Video clips (within fair use limits) used in class exercises to support education

See the documentation on accessing the Ensemble Streaming Server.

Learn how to add an Ensemble Resource in Course Site

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