Slack is a collaboration tool that enhances work group communications. It provides a platform for individual groups to chat live online and keep conversations organized and accessible from anywhere, anytime. Lehigh Enterprise Slack is LTS's enterprise implementation of Slack. It allows teams within Lehigh University to have separated, but still connected, workspaces across the university.

If you are already a seasoned Slack user who was previously using a free or paid version but migrate to the Lehigh Enterprise Slack, you are in good shape because you will still retain the ownership of your workspace. In addition, you can log in with SSO using your Lehigh credentials, collaborate across Lehigh Workspaces using shared channels, and leverage LTS administrative resources for support as you continue to discover how to make your workspace most effective for your course and/or teams.

Get Started

  • Download the Slack Desktop app for Mac or Windows and/or mobile app for iOS or Android. You can also connect to Slack in a web browser but we find that the features and notifications work best in the Desktop or mobile apps.
  • Upload a profile picture of yourself and fill out your profile info.
  • Locate Workspaces that are open to you on Lehigh Enterprise Slack. Join the Lehigh University Home Workspace which is open to the entire Lehigh community. This is a great workspace to find help, training, and tips & tricks.
  • Customize your Slack preferences and notifications.
  • View additional resources to help get you started with Slack
  • Request a new Slack Workspace - For course workspaces, please use the course short name, including the term code, eg.  CHM095-060-FL20, or ACCT151-010-SP21.  For other groups please pick a name that reflects the organization (and time frame if it's appropriate), for instance a department like Electrical-Engineering might be appropriate for many years, but the student senate would change each year and might be better named something like Student-Senate-2020. 

Learn more about Slack

Slack Etiquette 

Still have questions?

  • Check out the #howto-slack channel for solutions to commonly asked questions.
  • Post your questions to the enterprise #help-slack channel.
  • Contact the LTS Help Desk at (610) 758-4357 or email at

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