What is Securing the Human?

Securing the Human (STH) is a video-based training program from The SANS Institute. LTS has purchased STH for *faculty and staff. The videos are designed for the busy professional -- training can be fit into spare moments during the day, because:

  • Each video is only 3-5 minutes in length.
  • You can view them in any order, at any time.
  • Each video focuses on what you NEED to know.
  • It's critical that you know how to keep data safe in the work place.


It's Professional Development!

Securing the Human counts toward your professional development! If you complete the full training series and the short (3 question) quizzes at the end of each video, LTS will provide you with a certificate of completion. Don't forget to include it on your GPS!

Getting started

To auto enroll in Securing the Human:

  1. Log into the campus portal at portal.lehigh.edu.
  2. Select the Computing tab.
  3. In the Computing Security channel, select Enroll in Securing the Human.
  4. Once you enroll, you can go to coursesite.lehigh.edu to view the videos.

*While Securing the Human is intended for faculty and staff, interested students should contact Stacey Kimmel-Smith at sek2@Lehigh.edu for information about access to Securing the Human.

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